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About Us

Tayside Tiling Solutions

We are a locally established tiling contractor in the Dundee area and proud to serve all of Tayside & Angus by providing top end tiling solutions for a wide range of tiling projects.

We cover all areas of floor and wall tiling throughout properties from the front doorstep to the back - and everything in between. Whether it's a simple kitchen splashback or a full wetroom Tayside Tiling Solutions have you covered.

 In addition to this we also dip our toes into the more luxurious and prestigious area of swimming pools and steam rooms, as well as marble and natural stone.

We strongly believe in being the best we can in our own trade, and strive to show our reliability and professionalism through the quality of our work, whether it be residential or commercial ventures.

Some of our work can be seen locally around the new waterfront projects in Dundee, including the remodel of the Apex Hotel, but also as far as Glencoe, Skye, London & Belfast.

We also work with other local tradesmen to help provide complete solutions for full kitchen and bathroom projects, ideal for property developers and landlords.